Blackhand Gorge Adventures began in 2015 as a small word of mouth business providing shuttle service, and kayak rentals for paddlers interested in floating the Licking River through the nature preserve at Blackhand Gorge. Very early on, we began getting requests for large groups who wanted to take advantage of our services, and experience the scenic float trip with all their friends. Unable to accommodate these large numbers, we set about solving this problem. In 2017 we purchased “the short bus” and had a trailer built that would haul more canoes and kayaks for us. Beginning of 2018 we began the process of becoming a dealer through Johnson Outdoors, then invested in a fleet of Old Town Twisters. Every step in the process took time and it seemed like this day would never get here, but we now have everything in place to help YOU and your friends, church group, business associates, or scout troop, etc… to come float the Licking with us! Come enjoy a wonderful time floating through the pristine Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve, and experience one of the few intact Riparian Corridors right here in Central Ohio!